Wedding Blessings Sticks



What are Wedding Blessings Sticks?



Wedding Blessing Sticks are sticks that are wrapped with colourful yarn and textures that infuse the energy of an intention to the stick.The process is simple, and accessible to all. The result is a magical piece of textile art.


Wedding Blessing Sticks is a collaborative art practice that invites the wedding community to wrap a stick with the intention of expressing an unspoken commitment to the well being of the couple's union as a blessing or wish. A blessing can arise from their  personal inspiration, a poem or quote.  The process fuses ( imbuse’s) intention and blessing with the wrapped stick.  


Why should we have Blessings Sticks at our wedding?


Wedding Blessing Sticks:

  • allows the wedding community to express their commitment, love and support for the couples marriage in a kinesthetic way, 

  • illustrates the power and richness of people collectively creating, 

  • connects the couple and the community in a artful, sustainable and tangible way,

  • results in a display that is creative, dynamic and beautiful for their home, and

  • provides the couple with an inspiring visual reminder that they are loved and supported as they grow their life together. 


What is the experience of wrapping Blessings Sticks at a wedding?


All the guests are invited to make a short visit to the stick wrapping table during an appropriate time in the wedding celebration. Participants are asked to clarify their blessing or wish, select a stick and choose the yarn colours and texture that reflects their wish. While wrapping the stick they hold the blessings in their mind and hearts. 


The stick wrapping table can accommodate up to 6 people at a time, and each stick takes 5-10 minutes.

I provide all the materials, assist the guests to create their blessing stick, and assemble and mount the sticks into the textile art piece.

What Wedding Blessings Sticks designs are available?


There are 3 wedding stick designs - Tapestry Blessing Sticks, Hanging Blessings Sticks and the Blessing Staff. The design and the stick lengths can be determined in collaboration with the wedding couple.  All three Blessings Stick designs include the option for the couple to wrap a center section or portion of a stick that represents aspects of their love and  union.


Tapestry Blessing Sticks

To create the Tapestry Blessing Sticks, guests each wrap a small stick, of a

consistent size (1’½ to 6 inches long)

The length is determined by the number of guests and the size that is desired for the final art piece. The wrapped sticks are assembled in a frame like a textured tapestry and mounted on a wall.  




Hanging Blessing Sticks  

Hanging Blessings Sticks use 3 or 5 sticks of about 3 to 4 feet in length (depending on the number of guests and desired size of the final piece). The couple may want to gather the long sticks for this display or they can also be provided.

Guests will  each wrap a segment of one of the sticks.. They will then be assembled with into a hanging display to be mounted on the wall as a beautiful installation. 


( photo sample of Hanging Blessing Sticks display coming soon. See Story Stick Project to gain an idea of how this deisgn see-


The Blessing Staff

The Staff version uses 1 to 3 sticks that are 5 to 6 feet long and wedding guests would each wrap a segment. The Staff could be displayed resting against or mounted on the wall. 

The couple may want to gather the long sticks for this staff display or they can also be provided.

The Staff is reminiscent of a ceremonial staff or a shepherd's staff.  A poetic, ancient resonance for the wedding blessing sticks.



  Blessing Staff- (sample)

In lieu of an actual

Wedding Blessing Staff

this whimsical image 

provides an example.


Chilean Spirit of Summer

with her Blessing Staff

(created by Pamela while visitng

in Chile)







 How are the Wedding Blessings Sticks assembled for display?


The Blessing Staff design requires no assembly and can be ready to take home on the wedding day.


The Tapestry and Hanging stick designs will be taken to my studio to be assembled and beautifully prepared for mounting. Arrangements can be made for pick-up or delivery of the final piece.


What are Gratitude Stick Wedding Favours?


Couples can also choose to wrap Gratitude Sticks to offer to guests as wedding favours. In the lead-up to their wedding day, they wrap small sticks in the colours of their choice, holding the intention of gratitude for their friends and family’s support and love. 


This completes a reciprocal exchange of intention - blessing and thanks - between the couple and their community. Threads of connection are made visual in the textile art pieces shared by the couple and their guests.


The Gratitude Stick package includes: a consultation to select materials in colours that symbolize the wedding celebration; all materials including sticks cut to size, threads and textiles; instructions for the couple to wrap the sticks; and an artful installation to facilitate distribution of the Gratitude Sticks at the ceremony.


The Gratitude Sticks will be displayed for guests to appreciate. They can select one that speaks to them, as a memento of the event.


Gratitude Sticks

What are the costs for having Blessings Sticks at my wedding?


The Wedding Blessing Stick experience is costed depending on variables such as: design chosen, location, number of guests, and size of desired installation.


The minimalist Staff design is the most economical, starting at $700.00, going up to the Tapestry design, which can begin at $1250.00.


The Gratitude Stick Package costs $4.00 per guest.


Please contact me to discuss what I can offer your event. :)