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These are free and paid workshops I will be facilitating in the following months. All are welcomed!




Story Stick Workshops 

30 January - 12-3 pm - Story Stick Workshop - Lifes Journeys - CSI Regent Park - Get your tickets here!


17 February - 1:00 to 3:00  pm - Story Stick Workshop - All Our Relationships - CSI Regent Park - Get your tickets here!


7 March - 6-8 pm - Story Stick Workshop- Reflections on Grief - CSI Regent Park - Get your tickets here!



Reflections on Grief is a workshop that creates a story stick  to explore how we grieve.


Most of us grew up up in a culture that does not allows us to express grief. By reflecting on our grief  we can normalize and accept it as a healthy natural part of life.



Grief  ranges from the changes of aging, loss of loved ones, shifting relationships, letting go dreams and many other layers.

In this workshop you will reflect on your own perceptions and experiences of grief through creating a story stick. 

You will be guided in wrapping the stick using a colourful array of textures, yarns and thread . The stick becomes a natural  emotional processing tool with each yarn representing an aspect of your feelings or story.


You are invited to share your story in a listening circle and you will also take home a unique piece of art.


Life Stories Can Change the World!

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