Story Stick Virtual Workshops



What are Storysticks


Story Sticks is textured storytelling using sticks, textiles, and yarn. 


This powerful and simple art process is used to express feelings, set intentions, and tell stories of your life. 


Through the process of your hands engaged with wrapping sticks with textured and colourful yarns, each thread becomes an organic emotional processing tool.


Wrapping Story Sticks provides an immediate access point to your intuition.

Intuition is understanding something immediately without the need for conscious reasoning. Trusting this sense instills confidence in your actions and choices.

Each workshop will include question prompts that will guide you in the process of wrapping a stick that reflects one of the following themes:


  • Story Stick - reflects stories of life that nourish and inspire your heart
  • Self Care Stick - focuses on nurturing resilience
  • Vision/Intention Stick - aligns your intuition with your life goals 

Following the introduction to the process, participants select a theme that speaks to them and wrap their stick. Each workshop will close with an optional sharing of your process or story.


There are enough materials that you may continue wrapping sticks after this workshop, guided by your unique ideas and inspirations.



Bring your curiosity and wrap a stick that will serve as a tangible guide and inspiration for your life path. A unique and calming experience with texture, colour, and reflections on life.


Workshop dates


Thursday, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM, May 19

Saturday, 10:00 Am- 12:00 AM, May 21

Friday, 6:30 PM -8:30 PM, May 28

Sunday, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM, June 5

Friday, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM, June 10

Saturday, 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM, June 18


 Virtual workshops are for a maximum  of 7 participants


Materials are provided.


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 “So extraordinary and so simple all at once”.



“So wonderful to use the stick to express my feelings of so much loss of family and friends. While doing the stick I was able to remember them and helped me to heal.” 



“As I wound that first string, I decided my stick would be an intention stick representing my wishes for the year ahead. 

Picking yarns out of the array, I realized, was much like finding words to write with: you have many to choose from, but only some will convey the right feeling”




“Personally, I found the wrapping to be a calming, meditation with texture, colour and story, in the company of others, who were similarly absorbed.

Pamela's calm guidance set the perfect tone as she demonstrated the process, then allowed everyone to create their own story in textiles and colour.”



"Gave me the opportunity to pause and think about what self-care means to me"



"I had the pleasure of creating a story stick with Pamela, and was struck by how profound the simple act of 'winding thread on a stick' could be! Going into sacred space by setting an intention and being willing to explore how that manifests was surprisingly powerful. And even though I am somewhat 'art-phobic', I was thrilled at how un-intimidating the process was! Now, when I hold the stick, I remember, in my body, in my hands, the experience of weaving my commitment to my self, my art, my spiritual and emotional growth, through the weaving of the threads. My story stick is a touchstone to that commitment. Thank you, Pamela, for the magical gift!"