Story Stick at Water Docs Film Festival 2023

“Story Stick” Question Prompts

Water Docs Film Festival’s Community Town Hall

With community artist Pamela Schuller


A clear intention, question or story helps a stick to become a “Story Stick”


These question prompts relate to themes guiding the work of Water Docs.

Appealing to our fundamental connection to nature. Our powerful memories of encounters with the natural world. Re-connecting people with these felt experiences.  Nourishing a commitment to action for water, a liveable climate, and a sustainable future.


Create your own intention or question or use one of these prompts. Allow your intuition to guide you. To assist your flow, if you're comfortable with this word, try saying Allow slowly. I allow my intuition to guide me or I invite my intuition to guide me as I wrap the stick with my intention.


  • Wrap a stick about what “Up to Us” means to you. 

  • Wrap about your feeling of gratitude for water. 

  • Wrap about an action that supports #LaterNoMore. This can be in your personal life, community or the collective. Our every action connects to the whole. As we care for ourselves, we care for the earth.

  • What are your stories or powerful experiences with water?

  • Wrap about how you perceive water as a window into your soul. 

  • What is an experience that you hold close to your heart that inspires and nourishes you?

  • What in nature, earth or life inspires awe, or awareness of your interdependence?

  • Wrap about your love for water. 

  • Inspiration ideas -  breathing, meditation, friends and community, love, courage. What are yours?