Mask Making



Space requirement - large room with tables and chairs.


Techniques offered - file folder, paper mâché with cardboard or newspaper stuffed bag base or stone base.


Length - 5 hours to 5 days depending on technique and group.


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Mask making


I discovered and refined my mask making abilities while working in theatre, and have been fascinated by the transformation that occurs when people put on a mask or while making their own mask.


In making my personal masks, I have discovered a medium that greatly aided my own sense of personal development. I am glad to share my skills with people of all ages and backgrounds and to follow my passion for the art medium I love.


Shadow Mask Summary


Shadow mask making is an art process that facilitates the integration of the unknown parts of oneself (shadows) into a conscious experience of a more complete self. These unknown parts can range in expressions from anger to sorrow, weakness to strength, joy to wisdom, and all the shades in between.


The making process involves an introduction of the shadow mask concept done through analogies to explain shadow work, and with my own shadow masks, touching on parts of my story within the mask.



Participants do a sketch of their shadow mask, and using one of the making techniques, start the design sculpting and paper mâché process. The mask is finished with a colouring or painting activity. All shadow mask workshops are followed up with a sharing circle.


In learning institutions, the workshop can also include a written mask analysis (samples upon request) and individual reflection, which contributes to students language marks, as well as, group sharing of the experience, and an exhibition of the masks can also be created.  


Why work with a Shadow Mask


The making of a shadow is a powerful, evocative process that can inspire participants to reflect on their own perceptions of themselves and their way of interacting with the world.


Shadow mask work makes room for youth and adults to see how attitudes and behaviors affect their lives. New possibilities for personal and social responsibility, emotional intelligence and skills like empathy can be explored. Participants can realize their value as a person, and learn to ground themselves in new ways.



The workshop sequence reveals the shadow material in a creative, interesting way. Affirming whatever emerges through words will support the integration of new insights, and connect the participants to each other in an active listening circle while sharing the experience in a non-threatening way.


Animal and Nature Spirit Masks Summary


These workshops follow the same structure of the shadow mask but focus on exploring other aspects of life or curriculum. Topics and reflections are established in collaboration with participants, community leaders or teachers. Once completed masks can be used for performance, dance, parade, or storytelling.




Contact me to create a workshop that suits your group's vision and age, and budget and timeline.