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Seasoned Arts Educator, Community Artist and Mask Artist with 25+ years experience in mask work, theatre, dance and puppetry.  Founded the organization Masque in 1997 to explore personal and community development with schools, families, and other special interest groups through creative workshops in mask making, paper mache sculpture, tapestry, weaving, 3Dmural arts, and other mixed media installations.    





  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Cultural Administration
  • Collaborative Projects
  • Volunteer Coordination
  • Youth Program Design
  • Local Partnerships
  • Shadow Mask
  • Community Outreach
  • Festivals & Events



Community Arts Experience            



Project Title & Location

Description & Funding


Campfires Illumination Festival 

Weaving Hoops Installation

Bain Co-op, Toronto

Developed and delivered a workshop on weaving stories (in hoops) as part of the Bain Arts Collective’s one-night event hosting 300+ attendees. Provided administrative support in the form of outreach and promotion in the weeks leading up to the event. Funded by TAC and OAC.


Wind, Water, Sun, Wood

Dawes Crossing, Toronto

Facilitated and promoted this project inviting community members to paint their interpretation of the elements defined in the Dawes Crossing sculpture. Displayed at East End Arts, funded by Dawes Solar Income.


100th Anniversary – Homemade Stories Project

Bain Co-op, Toronto

Associate Artist – conducted puppet and mask creation workshops with the Bain Arts Collective. Participated in developing and implementing multi-media project that reached 500+ guests. Funded by CAC, OAC, and TAC.


Tipi Teaching Project

Evergreen Brickworks, Toronto

With Marie Gaudet -First Nations culture teacher, created 3 tapestry Tipis with community, conducted 12 culture and arts workshops with First Nations youth and 2 performance events. Funded by Evergreen Brickworks.


Shadow Mask Making Workshop

South Riverdale Community Health Centre, Toronto

Taught Harm Reduction workers shadow mask making workshops designed to assist survivors of trauma.


Artist Residency

Fairview Community Health Centre, Toronto

Created three, 3-D mural permanent installations and a welcome tapestry with participants of all ages. Funded by TAC.


Community Artist in Residence

Toronto Community Housing Company (TCHC), Toronto

Created masks and sculptures with local seniors, youth groups, and Muslim families in the Warden Woods Community.  3 exhibits. Funded by TAC.


Additional Community Arts experience from 2002-2007 includes collaborations with Riverdale Perk Café, Lake Ontario Water Keeper, Earthroots, and the Christie Ossington Neighbourhood Centre.



projects in arts education                                      (Note Vibe Arts was formerly AFCY)     



Project Title & Location

Description & Funding


Medicine Wheel Mosaic and The Seven Sacred Grandfather Teachings

William Burgess School, Toronto

Invited by school principal to facilitate the creation of a permanent installation on the theme of First Nations culture. Coordinated collaborative work between 400+ students in a dedicated workspace over several weeks.


2014 -15

The Learning Tree

H.J. Alexander School, Toronto    

Created a freestanding tree with wildlife and plant sculptures made by grade 5 students. Funded by Vibe Arts.



Sun Mosaic

Blake Street School, Toronto

Recruited to lead the collaborative design and installation of a sun mosaic with JK/ Sk. Funded by TDSB.


 150 Anniversary 3D Mural

 Leslieville School, Toronto

Partnered with this elementary school to create a large-scale indoor 3D mural with individual components designed and built by the student body.



Four Seasons Pageant and Pow Wow

First Nations School of Toronto

Collaborated building 4 giant puppets, 20 rod puppets with students grades 1 to 8, for presentation in pageant at school pow wow. Funded by Vibe Arts. and Jumblies Theater


First Nations Cultural Literacy Project

Toronto, Brantford, Rose Neath

Worked with grades 3 to 8 to make 3D murals. This project was partnered with First Nations Schools of Toronto (TDSB) GEDSB, and KWPRDSB.  Funded by OAC.


Shadow Mask Workshops

Kane Middle School, Toronto

Worked with 5 grade 8 classes to create masks, written mask analysis + active listening circle. Funded by Vibe Arts.


Shadow Mask Project

Elmbank Middle School, Toronto

Taught 3 grade 8 classes how to create shadow masks and produce written analyses and share process in an active listening circle. 3 mask exhibits. Funded by OAC.


Caribou Mask Project, in collaboration with Earthroots, and First Nations School Culture teacher Marie Gaudet

Various locations in Toronto

Worked with youth age 12 to 24 at First Nations School, Native Child Family Centre, Native Learning Centre, Central Tech Collegiate to create caribou masks, public outdoor First nations ceremony event. 3 mask exhibits. Funded by OAC.            


Shadow Mask Workshops

Cosburn Middle School, Toronto

Working with 6 grade 8 classes to create shadow masks and written mask analysis and active listening circle. Funded by TDSB.


Additional Arts Education Projects include 15+ years of annual Shadow Mask workshops at the E.A.S.T Public School funded by the TDSB, as well as nearly 20 mural installations across 4 school boards (TDSB, TDCSB, GEDSB and KPRDSB) between 1998-2014.





Mental Health First Aid Training – CMHA, Toronto (2015)   First Aid Course - Vibe Arts, Toronto (2015)

Neighbourhood Arts Network- Symposiums, Toronto (2014, 2015)

Jumblies Theatre -Engineers of the Imagination (2015), Resisting Colonization through Art (2010), Tor.

East End Arts Workshops (2013 to 2015), York University Summer Learning Institute (2011, 2012), Tor.

Continuing Education –(2014 to 2017) Online and local trainings in Mental Health interventions and  Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Skills

Bystander Intervention Training with Anima Leadership ( 2017) Tor.

Creative Facilitation 2 with PYE Global( 2017) Tor.



Masque Exhibit- Rainbow Gallery (2015) | The Paper Mache Show - Gerrard Art space (2014)