Pamela has been involved with the arts for 35 years through dance, theatre, puppetry and mask making. She discovered the transformative power of mask work for herself through theater. That process of self-discovery has yielded a variety of mask styles and face sculptures that Pamela has created for theater and for sale.


Since 1997, she has developed arts engagement projects using mask making, 3D mural installations and multimedia sculpture for community development, arts education and self-development.  


Pamela has also been awarded numerous grants from Toronto Arts Council and Ontario Arts Council for arts education and community arts projects.


Pamela’s arts-based facilitation practice is responsive and inclusive of age, gender, culture, spirituality and other forms of diversity. She believes the process of creating opens doors within our minds, changing our perceptions and allowing for new possibilities. This process enhances our vision of alternative approaches to living, social justice, peace, and personal joy.


Pamela continues to explore her own creativity through mask making and paper-mache sculptures. She also facilitates the artistic expression of youth and adults through various arts education and community arts projects, special events, festivals and public workshops.


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