Arts Education - Workshops and Project

Papier Mâché Mask Making, 3-D Murals, Mosaics and Sculpture


Arts Education

“Students like and trust Pamela very quickly.
They are also enthralled and surprised with their own creations.”
Shakil Choudhury, Senior Partner, Anima Leadership


Pamela Schuller has 35 years’ experience in mask-making, theatre, dance, and puppetry. Since 1997, she has used masks, 3D mural installations to explore personal and community development with schools, community groups, families, and individuals.

Using themes tailored to reflect the curriculum, Pamela offers art projects that help students explore

  • the inherent value of individuality
  • the beauty of diversity
  • the impact of personal choices
  • self-awareness and relationship building

Pamela has been awarded numerous grants from the Ontario Arts Council and Toronto Arts Council. She works in Toronto schools as an independent artist and with Arts for Children and Youth (AFCY).



Papier mâché workshops use simple construction techniques and commonplace materials that accommodate a wide range of time commitments and skill levels. Curriculum connections: visual arts, language arts, social science, history, science, drama and dance, character development; can be incorporated into several curriculum areas simultaneously.


Mask Making

Theme suggestions: self-awareness, wildlife, spirit masks, geometry, traditions and celebrations,

Completed masks can be used for performance, dance, parade, or storytelling.

Shadow Mask for grades 6  and up. -The creation of the shadow mask is about revealing hidden and denied aspects of the self through the mask making. Shadow mask work makes room for participants to see how attitudes and behaviours affect their lives, and to learn to ground themselves in new ways. Shadow mask workshops with youth involve written mask analysis and sharing circle 


A.        File folder- simple mask making            Grade Levels:                 JK to grade 8   

                                                                                    Time requirement:        2 classes- 2 days

B.        Mask making without papier mâché     Grade Levels:                Grades 1 to 12  

                                                                                    Time requirement:        2 classes- 4 days

C.        Mask making with papier mâché           Grade Levels:                Grades 1 to12                                                                                                         Time requirement:        2 classes- 5 days

3-D Murals

A 3-D mural is an excellent medium for school-wide collaborative projects. Students create a permanent installation; the elements can be rearranged and added to over time. A 3-D mural is a visual interactive teaching tool that provides ongoing inspiration for story writing, as well as beautifying the school.

By each contributing their abilities to the collaborative process, students

  • support each other using a range of communication and interpersonal skills
  • experience inclusion, social engagement, and interdependence
  • integrate stewardship of the project and stewardship of their environment
  • learn that the value of their individual contributions does make a difference to the whole

Themes can celebrate diversity, explore the environment, and reflect community and global connectedness. 


A.        3-D Murals                                                   Grade Levels:                 JK to grade 12          

                                                                                    Time requirement:        5 to 20 days

B.        3-D Mosaic Installation                             Grade Levels:                 Grade 4 to 12    

                                                                                    Time requirement:        5 to 12 days

Sculpture Projects


A.        Individual Class Sculpture                       Grade Levels:                Grade 1 to 12    

                                                                                    Time requirement:        2 to 4 days

B.        Freestanding Giant Sculptures               Grade Levels:                Grade 3 to 12    

                                                                                    Time requirement:        5 to 12 days 

C.        Alphabet                                                       Grade Levels:                Grade 3 to 12    

                                                                                    Time requirement:        5 to 10 days 

D.        Poetry Wall- Literacy Project                  Grade Levels:                Grade 3 to 12    

                                                                                    Time requirement:        3 to 4 days 

E.        Paint Palette Mosaic                                  Grade Levels:                 JK to 8 

                                                                                    Time requirement:        1 to 2 days 

Teacher development 3D art workshops

Pamela facilitates workshops for teachers. Teachers learn design and construction techniques, and explore how such art projects can be integrated into the curriculum


Contact Pamela to set up a meeting to discuss the possibilities for your school community