About Shadow Mask Workshops

A shadow mask is a mask that is a representation of a hidden or denied aspect of the self. These hidden parts can range in expression from sorrow to anger, weakness to strength, joy to wisdom and all shades in between.


This mask making  draws on the Jungian concept  that there are shadows present in all of us. These shadow aspects manifest in our lives as struggle and suffering that is often projected onto our family, neighbours, community, and the world. In owning our shadow selves, we discover healthier avenues for negotiating conflict, new dimensions of compassion, and greater understanding of our deep interconnectedness. Awareness of our total self, both dark and the light, allows us to make more conscious choices about our own behaviour.


In Shadow Mask Workshops, Pamela invites participants to create their shadow mask. This workshop is suitable for youth and adults.


For information about arranging a shadow mask workshop, please contact Pamela.