#4 Shadow Mask Analysis



My shadow mask is important to me because it shows different parts, sides and feelings about me. It is also important to me because it shows hidden feelings. My shadow mask shows crucial information and colours that express my inner emotions and colours. My shadow mask is the way that it is with the colours and everything is because it is specific to me. It shows feelings that I don't show others and even some of my closest friends.


My whole mask is painted grey with one side full of black streaks for evil and the other side full of white streaks for the joyful side. On the dark side of my mask there are scars to represent a dreadful battle. On my mask one eye is actually a black eye for abuse and signs of a fight. The battle that I am referring to is the battle that is my everyday life. I feel that it is a struggle because I have a younger sibling and an older sibling and sometimes I feel like I don't have a place in this world.


I have fangs on the dark side of my mask to represent a blood thirsty demon that has a craving for blood. This is because I sometimes feel frustrated like I want to attack somebody because they are doing something I don't like. I don't necessarily speak up to tell them to stop but I sometimes feel powerless to stop them and that frustrates me. The horns on top of the head of my mask are to symbolize the evil feeling of revenge. This is because I feel like I need to seek revenge on the people who frustrate me in my everyday life. On the dark side the eye has no eyebrow because it has been burnt off because of humiliation and terror. I included this because I feel like I'm in a world that bullying and teasing is okay for some people and if your response is negative towards that person you will be punished for your actions.


On my good side I have a star nose for excitement and joy. I sometimes feel like I can't express this excitement and joy because I have a bit too much anger built up inside me. I also have a pointed eyebrow that's pointing upwards for curiosity and a green eye that turns into a spiral. I usually hide my curiosity because I don't want to be judged or mistreated. On my joyful side I have bruises and scars to show that I have been attacked or punished for doing the wrong thing. My mouth has no teeth and is plain blue for silence because the good side doesn't say much and it just lets the bad side take over. The reason I included this feature is because in my life I don't have a lot to say and get in trouble for no reason but I don't speak up.


There are shades of white and black to show how different each of the sides are. The shades of white are there to symbolize that I am somewhat still human. However, on the other side the different shades of black are there to symbolize that I am being tortured and if I am not careful the revengeful side will soon overcome my total personality.


In conclusion the Shadow Mask process helped me to realize that if I let my close friends and family know how I feel then maybe I can become a better person. I feel that I learned a great deal about myself and it was surprising to me how much of my personality was revealed. If I had to do the project again most likely my mask and analysis will be way different and I probably would express both my mask and my analysis a lot better.