#3 Shadow Mask Analysis

The Mask That Reveals 


by a grade 8 student- see shadow mask #3


A shadow mask is a type of conceal that expresses your hidden thoughts and emotions that you usually keep inside of you. On my shadow mask I used many colours and techniques because I have a variety of emotions that run through me. These emotions that I have are not shown because most people who live in Toronto would think it's uncivilized. This mask really helped me find my true inner self that I didn't know about. 


My shadow mask basically started as a rectangle but as I got to the right side of my mask it became wavy and droopy. The straight and wavy line meets at the bottom of my mask. The colours I used on the right side are purple, blue, and grey. I had to mix these colours with black because it looked too calm and I was really aiming for dark sadness and emptiness. Sometimes I feel this way when I'm being ignored or I just feel that way. I have two mouths on my mask but the one on the right is dark grey (same shade as the texture) with shiny metallic metal bars inside. This represents being voiceless and having no chance to speak for yourself. Like a person that is not being heard no matter how hard they try. It reminds me of many women around the world who are being mistreated and have no equal rights as a man in their country. The colour grey was texture for a reason which was to separate the two colours (blue and purple). 


But on the bright side, the colours I used were orange, pink, green, and yellow. I wanted to bring bubbly fun and humor into it. The green was texture but in the shape of zigzags so it represented wisdom and happiness. The mouth on this side was red with lavender inside it. 


On the top of my mask are two different shapes. On the right are horns that droop down and curl. The colours I used were red, black and metallic silver. I mixed these colours randomly but I thought it was meant to be there. This represents a fear for sadness because when I'm sad people ask me why and it bothers me a lot. On the other side there are mountains with the colours purple, peach, and metallic silver. This brings my cool and collected side into the mask which I wanted to stand out. 


I have two eyes on my mask which are two different colours. On the right side the eyebrow is black and the eye is dark blue. On the pupil is a shape of a teardrop which is also black, it stands for sadness. On the other side the eyebrow is grey and the eye s light blue, basically I took the original colours which were on the sad side and added white so it didn't look the same. There is a black spiral inside which stands for confusion. Sometimes I am confused and when I am lost in life and during hard situations where I have to make a decision on my own. I have a red section which is near at the bottom which represents anger and jealousy. Everyone at some point in their life feels angry or jealous. I usually feel that way when I am not confident or I just have mood swings. 


You might call my mask ugly or weird but I think it is the most unique mask in the world because it represents who I am as person. I noticed that all my other classmates masks looked different because they are different people and that is a good character trait. I suggest that everyone should make a shadow mask so they can start to feel good about themselves, just how I feel right now.