#2 Shadow Mask Analysis

Shadow Mask


by a grade 8 student


Shadow masks, masks that show feelings we don't normally show to people, we hold them within. When we make these masks we express those feelings onto the face of the mask. We use certain colours or symbols to represent these emotions. Such as the colour red to show your affection for your dog and a bandage to represent your hope for peace in the world.


My mask is split into two colours, red with black stripes and blue with white stripes, both are separated by a black line. The blue side represents the sadness and loneliness I feel when I am insulted by my culture. I believe my culture is unique and if anyone has anything to say about it, they should keep it to themselves. The red side represents anger and revenge, after someone intentionally hurts me; I feel a rage grow in me, but no one outside can notice. The only difference is that I don't talk during this time. These two emotions are what I feel most of the time so they take up a lot of space on the mask. The long yellow nose represents courage, to say the truth or my opinion. Every time I decide not to show courage the nose gets bigger and bigger.


The left eye represents generosity, and the right side emptiness. I don't show my generosity much that how it got its place here, but I'm always ready to give and give. One of the things I give too easily is my trust, I'm too gullible, I will believe whatever they say depending on their status in my life. Such as Mr. Bulay, he is the teacher, so most of what he is saying would be true. The emptiness I feel is when I am reminded of my incapabilitys, I don't have a known special talent like everyone else. The tongue represents my naughtiness that I can only show with some people, so the stored amount stays here. All my life I have been acting one way; quiet and calm, if I suddenly change that, people will think I'm extra, which will add to my anger, making a larger area for it. The pink lips symbolize how much I talk; I can't stop unless my negative emotions take control of me. The tongue is also there to stop the lips from closing into utter silence.


The joker's hat may seem odd, but it has a special reason for it. The joker's hat is on the right side because my anger is concealed just like the funny side of me. I make jokes in my head whenever someone says something dumb by accident, but I'm not surprised when the same happens to me. The bandage and two wounds stand for pain. The bandage covers a wound that can be healed. The scar shows the stigma on my life I have put forever and the open wound, a place for everyone to put hatred and pain into.


The long arrow stands for love and respect, love that I have for my family and friends. Often I seem not to show respect for them but in the inside I do, but at times to earn that respect, they have to respect me first, although I have a guilty feeling afterwards. The gold around the red shows that love and respect is for valued more than gold to me.


On the top of the head I have 5 horns, each just like an element of my life. The light pink represents peace, on earth, the blue caring attitude I have for the environment, and the dark pink for the fury people have generated because of me. The most important out of the five is the yellow and green one. The yellow one displays my stupidity and craziness I have been showing everyone lately, and the green one shows my quick thinking to changing situations.


In conclusion I would say I learned my things about myself that I never seemed to notice at all. I thought I acted the same in front of everyone, but I think I have gone way deeper.