Painting PROJECT: Tipi Teaching - Wisdom, Weaving and Stories 1 by Pamela Schuller

PROJECT: Tipi Teaching - Wisdom, Weaving and Stories 1

Cultural sharing project in partnership with aboriginal community artist, culture and language teacher Marie Gaudet. 
Hosted at Evergreen Brick Works site, this multifaceted projected included a weekly teaching and creativity session with youth, and tipi creation workshops open to all ages where Tipi teachings and their cultural context were interpreted through multiple community art pieces. 

Weekly sessions with youth included outdoor exploration of the site, healthy cooking and skating while discussing traditional tipi teaching. Weekend sessions involved the public painting on canvas their interpretation of the Tipi teachings. The paintings were then laced on to the tipi structures.

The project culminated in a theatrical performance with masks, dance, singing and drumming by the youth artists as part of Evergreen Brick Works Earth Day Celebration.