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Give art a chance. 

It will your life enhance. You will see.


Try it on a walk, in a train, on a chair or a 

plane, in a meeting, with a friend, in a class or 

right there at your front row seating.


Tangible benefits through a curious open

 heart, make for easier breathing and calmer

 mind as rhythms, textures, colours entwine.

 Flow and grow your inner realization and

 made whole you will know.


 As you do for yourself, it is felt by others and

 the power of connection and 

love makes you

 smile, giving you the courage to go the next 

mile, of growing  and revealing your

 courageous self in wholesome health,

 internal wealth. 

So awesome, Sum of awe ... All of us ….in

 Awesomeness...In an artful nest.


Yes!..... Give art a chance, to life enhance.


  Pamela Schuller